Roberto Bassi

Alessandra Amoroso
Acuna 88
Numa Organ
I chose Acuna 88 and Numa Organ for the feeling below the fingers, Acuna for the ease of use and Numa Organ for superb sound of Hammond, and both for their portability... now they are part of my setup both live and studio...


Roberto Bassi approached the piano during adolescence following courses and private lessons.

He went on tour, as keyboard player, with Dario Baldan Bembo, Ivan Cattaneo, Stefano Sani, Alessandro Canino and the Portuguese singer Brenda Pretorius.

As a group component of Urbanfunk, he cooperated to the realization of the albums Mr. No and Endosimbiosi and he toured Italy. He worked in collaboration with some schools as a piano teacher.

For about ten years he edited the musical part of the musical brought on stage by La Compagnia delle Formiche, theatre company who currently leads its work in the major Italian theatres.

He collaborated to the realization of Alessandra Amoroso's albums Stupida and Senza Nuvole under Simone Papi's musical direction. He went on tour with Alessandra Amoroso from 2009 until 2011, and he's going to tour again in 2014.