Giovanni Boscariol

RAI Orchesta
Numa Organ
...With Studiologic my setup is completed: Numa Organ, Numa Concert and the versatile Sledge: in my opinion one of the most suitable keyboard to approach in a simple and immediate way to the world of sound synthesis.


Giovanni Boscariol began his artistic career in 1991 at the Studio CondulmerRecording of Zerman (TV), after classical studies of organ and composition at the Conservatory B. Marcello in Venice and a specialization course at the High Musical Improvement school of Saluzzo. At Condulmer, one of the most important Italian studies of the nineties, he assists to the realization of albums by artists such as Simply Red (Star), Sade (Love Deluxe), Vasco Rossi (Gli spari sopra), Ron (Le Foglie al Vento), Enrico Ruggeri (Peter Pan, TheLa giostra della memoria) and many more.

Since 1993, he became keyboardist of the venetian reggae band PituraFreska, and together they produced three albums. In the same year he moved to Milan, where he became very active as a studio musician: he plays with Irene Fargo, Massimo Bubola, Fiorella Mannoia, Ron, Paola Turci, Terry Nunn, Miguel Bosé, Nek, BoheKombo, Estra, Loredana Berté, Alessandro Safina, Enrico Ruggeri e many altri.

He collaborates with RTI, Stream, Rai, Disney Channel to the composition and production of signature tunes, backgrounds and music for various advertisements and television programs (Survivor, FinallyDisney, Imagination Awards, The Best, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, I sing ...). He also performs in the PituraFreska tour, Fiorella Mannoia, Massimo Bubola, Ron.

In 1999 he was the producer and arranger of the album "Adesso" by Ron, and on tour as a keyboardist and musical director; It is also in the tour "Cantiere Fonopoli" of Renato Zero and in the band of Claudio Baglioni, in the transmission of RAI 1 "The Last Waltz" by Fabio Fazio.

Since 2000 he plays in the tours of artists such as Claudio Baglioni (with whom he recorded the album and the DVD of "Acustico" tour and the stadium concert "Tutto in una Abbraccio"), Gianluca Grignani (musical director), Fiorella Mannoia ( with which he recorded two live DVDs), Elisa, Alessandro Safina, Mannoia Fossati (Capodanno a Roma), Fabio Concato, Aura (artistic production and musical direction), Nek.

From 2007 to 2011 he is the artistic producer and arranger of Patty Pravo: the recording of the concert at the Arena of Verona are traits the homonym double live CD and audio for the DVD "Circula un video su di me".

He follows the artistic production and arrangements for the 2008 edition of "La Bambola", the song presented in Sanremo 2009 "E Io Verrò un Giorno Là" and the cover of "E mi manchi tanto".

Since 2006 he participated as a keyboardist, accordionist and responsible for programming to the broadcast in the orchestra: "Music Farm" (which is also working on arrangements), "Non facciamoci prendere dal panico" with Gianni Morandi, Sanremo contro Sanremo, "Il più grande spettacolo dopo il week end" with Fiorello, "Scherzi a Parte" with Luca e Paolo seven edition of the Festival di Sanremo (2006-2012).

He holds the chair of the graduate program in Keyboards, Pop Music at the Conservatory of Parma; Summary and history of electronic musical instruments at the APM (Advanced Musical Studies) of Saluzzo (CN), the Master in Piano and Keyboards, Music and Technology (Musitech) and chamber music at the Dalì Music School in Vicenza.