Kory Caudill

Analog is in my genes. As a second generation synth enthusiast, I was thrilled to add the Sledge to my rig. I had always been content with dialing up patches on my keyboards that emulated the classic synth sounds, until I played the sledge. I could tell an immediate difference between what id been using and the Sledge during a spot in our show which calls for a low "drone" underneath the vocal...the patches I'd been using sounded fine, but the sledge had the seats in the arena shaking! The Sledge is the real deal. It adds a level of depth to my setup that can't be simulated by software or all-in-one keyboards. Not to mention, the yellow is a real attention grabber on stage!


With over twenty two years of experience, Kory Caudill keyboardist for "Justin Moore Band" is quickly becoming one of the most sought after keyboardists in the country. His fluency in nearly every genre, as well as his highly acclaimed virtuosity have given him success in multiple facets of the music industry. Whether it be recording/producing projects for artists, touring with country superstars, or selling out concerts of his own, it has become clear that the twenty six year old Caudill is a force to be reckoned with in today's music industry.

When Caudill was a toddler, his parents were shocked when he walked to the piano, reached up and played the melody to John Williams' "Theme from Superman" immediately after it aired on television. It was then that they realized their son was gifted, and worked to provide him with every resource available to develop his musical abilities. At the age of four, Caudill began his involvement with the Kentucky Opry at the Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. As the Kentucky Opry's popularity grew, Kory Caudill had not only become a key member of the organization, but he was the groups most popular performer. To date, the young pianist has received hundreds of standing ovations for his performances which have been called "touching" and "inspiring" by thousands of concert goers.