Adam Ledbetter

Adam & Kizzie
Sledge 2.0

I’ve used my Studiologic Sledge, so far on national tours with Adam & Kizzie and for demos for our upcoming album.

The thing that I love most about my Sledge is how the whole instrument invites you to play it - not just the keys. Its such a powerfully versatile instrument with so many expressive possibilities in one really cool package.


Adam was born into a creative family and got his first performance experience as a 3-year-old soloist in a community choir directed by his mother. At 10 he began taking formal piano lessons and within a few months he was working as the church’s full-time musical director. Growing up in that role allowed him to fine tune his musical instincts while his classical studies gave him a keen proficiency at the piano.

This combination led to many musical experiments of mixing influences as diverse as Busta Rhymes and Chopin. In his early teens he inherited his father’s jazz record collection which led to a lifelong love of bebop and the blues. Having broad tastes from the beginning, Adam’s musical talents include rap, piano, production and composition.

Adam is just as at home giving a solo piano recital as he is freestyling on the mic. As an MC he has been featured on work by Lightheaded, Ohmega Watts, Jabee, Sean C. Johnson and many more. In 2017 his band Adam & Kizzie which he co-leads with his wife, Kizzie were finalists in Usher’s international Megastar competition. Adam believes music is a spectrum and for him styles of music are instruments in his band and its best when they play together. Adam & Kizzie released The Book of EEDO Vol. 3: THREEDO in 2018 on Ropeadope Records.