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Often you hear of bright ideas born in Italy but then developed abroad...well! Does not always work that way. Studiologic is an Italian brand that wins for reliability and quality...long live Made in Italy.


He was born in Milan in 1974, at age 8 he approaches to the study of the guitar thanks to his musician father. Shortly after he is passionate about the piano and takes classical studies with Maestro Adalberto Tonini, a few years later the passion for improvisation led him to enroll in the "Civic Jazz Courses" in Milan, where he began to collaborate with various musicians of his city .

Later he moved to Tuscany, and for three years he lives and works in the musical field as a pianist and keyboard player with various artists. The passion for electromechanical instruments and the music of the Seventies brings him back to his hometown where they begin collaborations that will define his musical language, before two years with Aida Cooper from which he perceives the love for the Soul and Blues and later with artists such as Terence Trent D'Arby in 2003 for a world tour that will take him to the United States, the homeland of his musical influences, and Zucchero in 2007, another exponent of the genre.

In 2000 he founded the "Fourth" with a group of musicians and friends ... the band features original songs inspired by the west coast funk of the early seventies, and it is composed of Leif Searcy on drums, Daniele Moretto to the trumpet, Leandro Misuriello to the bass followed by Silvio Verdi and Paolo Costa. His passion for the study of various instruments (Guitar, Bass, Drums) and for symphonic writing have diverted to the arrangement and artistic production. In this new musical journey he shares the record production with Folco Orselli and he arranged and produced in 2011 "comfort Genres" involving musicians and friends such as: Giorgio Secco, Stefano Bagnoli, Daniele Moretto, Ragonese Pepe, Marco Ricci, Valentino Finoli, Luciano Macchia.

In Rock Pop he continues in a few years the cooperation with Simone Tommassini and he produces and arranges from 2008 projects. From 12 years he has worked as a pianist and organist Francesco Renga with whom he shared several tour around Italy, along with great Italian musicians.

Lucky to have heard in his youth and later many different musical genres help him to face very different projects to each other with great passion and curiosity. In the midst of all these vicissitudes it remains a strong tie with the historical group with whom he shared almost 20 years of music, Statobrado, a band with a very personal sound and a free and creative approach ... He continues his collaboration on stage with Francesco Renga and produces personal projects including "MessinaMoretto", a collaboration with his friend Daniele Moretto, which allows him to freely explore his passion for music.