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Marco Parisi was born in Salerno, Italy, on 1st May 1989.He's surrounded by music since his early days: in fact both his father and his uncle are pianists and organists. When he's just 2 years old, his father realizes Marco has got the natural gift of the perfect pitch: the ability to identify and recreate any musical note, without the help of external references.

His first debut on the stage happens at the age of five; he also takes part in "Tosca" opera from G. Puccini, as a singer in the lyric chorus.His repertoire ranges from Classical music - Jazz, to Funky - Pop, especially preferring artists as Stevie Wonder, Sting, Elvis Presley, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson.

Thanks to his natural talent and followed by great teachers, he reaches excellent results in a short time at the piano and the Hammond organ, proving high capacities at the electric bass and the guitar as well.

On June 2010 he graduates with full marks in "Jazz Hammond Organ", at Salerno Conservatory, becoming in this way the first Italian graduate in this instrument. On July 2011 he opens with Jury the 3 Italian Jamiroquai concerts. Since May 2011 he's on tour as keyboard player of the band "Studio3".