Lisandro Pidre

Pianist, film composer
SL88 GrandSledge Black EditionNuma Compact 2Numa Organ 2


He was born in the west of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. At 2 years of age and after receiving a toy piano as a birthday gift, he began his journey in music by listening to songs from the radio and playing them in a self-taught way in that toy.

At age 11 he entered the López Buchardo classical music conservatory for the concert career. In parallel, he studied contemporary music at the Adorad institute in the Boedo neighborhood

After completing his studies at the aforementioned institutions, he entered the School of Contemporary Music, affiliated as “Global Partner” to the prestigious Berklee College of Music

In 2017 he took the course on “Film Scoring” of the multi-award-winning soundtrack composer located in Hollywood, Hans Zimmer.

In 2018 he took private orchestration classes with Spanish teacher Armando Perez Mántaras, Senior Professor of Harmony and Counterpoint, graduated from the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory in Moscow