Jordan Rudess

Dream Theater
...Here is my new yellow synth. It has a GREAT sound. The synth engine is by Waldorf...


Keyboard Magazine voted Jordan Rudess 1994's Best New Talent in the Overall Best Keyboardist category and in a career that spans almost three decades, he appears on over 40 other recordings by numerous artists, including David Bowie and the Dixie Dregs.

Since 1999, Jordan Rudess has been an integral member of and creative driving force behind Dream Theater (, one of the most critically acclaimed progressive hard rock bands in the world with over 10 million units sold. Jordan appears on six Dream Theater studio CDs and three Dream Theater Live CDs and DVDs, and his own eight solo albums.

Jordan is also the founder of his own iPad and iPhone app development company, Wizdom Music, which produced the Billboard and Electronic Musician Award-winning music creation, MorphWiz.