Gianluca Tagliavini

Numa Organ
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Gianluca Tagliavini was born in Novellara (RE) in the 1969. He start to play at 5 years old, preferring vintage instruments like tone wheel organ. In 1994 he won the Yamaha Music Quest with "Delinqenti" group which belong Moreno Marani at the percussion, Luciano Ghezzi on the bass, Phil Palmer at the guitar and vocals.

Following this win, he take part in a music show in Tokio and when he came back in Italy he start a contract with Sony Music to produce the album "Anume in cerca di guai" (Sonohra).

He went in tour with many famous band like "Ladri di biciclette" and "Carl Palmer".

In the 2005 he went in the american tour of PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) and from 2006 he is the official keyboardist of the band.