numa compact 2

mighty. portable. sounds great.

numa compact 2

mighty. portable. sounds great.


Numa Compact 2

The Numa Compact 2 is completely redesigned from the base. In a very compact size and lightweight cabinet we have integrated a totally new technology directly derived from high quality and professional keyboards.

Numa Compact 2 keyboard

Power becomes Compact.

The Numa Compact 2 is a big step forward in terms of sound quality, digital post processing effects and full MIDI controller features. Thanks to the built-in speakers and the internal digital amplifier, the Numa Compact 2 is suitable and flexible in any musical environment.
Start from a training session at home and be the king of the stage.

Solid Control.

Solid Control.

Expressive performance with ergonomic metal stick controllers. The programmable sticks and the Aftertouch add to the performance a complete musical control, never found before in any instrument of its category.

Numa Compact 2 sticks

Play. Listen.

Numa Compact 2 grows with your demands. You can either use it with the high quality built-in speakers in a training session, practice at home with your headphones and plug it to the PA system when playing with your musician friends or performing live on stage.

Numa Compact speaker system
Numa Compact 2 control panel

Total Access.

New OLED display for a clear view. New sound bank section with a wide selection of professional sounds, based on a 1 GB flash memory. New professional FX processor, which allows to perform up to 6 effects simultaneously.


Small and Compact. Everything you need in just 7Kg.
Take it anywhere.

A hand lifts the lightweight Numa Compact 2

Numa Compact Manager

Available for Windows and macOS

NC2x Manager app

Sound library

Free stunning downloadable Sounds for your Numa Compact 2.
To load a Sound use the Manager App.

Grand Pack

Original recording of a Japanese and a "Model D" Concert Grand Pianos, digitally recorded with 8 high quality microphones. All 88 notes are included, plus the released key sounds and all suble details.

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Mell Pack

The 4 most popular sounds of the tape-player keyboard, made famous by top hits and Bands of the Sixties: Brass, Choir, Flute and Strings.

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Bass Pack

A pair of sounds that includes a tipical Bass very suitable to accompany songs of any musical style, with its unique depth and harmonic richness and an American vintage fretless Bass, as the one played by Jaco and other top players.

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Wind Pack

A pack of 4 wind instruments package which includes: Jazz Trumpet, Trompete, Clarinet and Soprano Sax.

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Factory sounds

Acoustic Pianos
play_arrow Concert Grand
play_arrow Stage Grand
play_arrow Vintage Grand
play_arrow Studio Grand
play_arrow Upright
play_arrow E-Grand
Electric Pianos
play_arrow EP-Mark 1
play_arrow DX 1-2-3-4
play_arrow Keys Medley
Bass & Guitar
play_arrow Guitars Medley
play_arrow E-Guitar
play_arrow E-Guitar + Drive + Delay
play_arrow Jazz guitar + FX
play_arrow El Bass
play_arrow Pluck and Slap
play_arrow Jazz Organ 1
play_arrow Jazz Organ 2
play_arrow Organ + Drive + Bass & Ride
play_arrow Tonewheels
play_arrow F-VOrgan
play_arrow Pipe 1-2
play_arrow Synth Medley
play_arrow Orchestra Medley
play_arrow Others Medley