numa concert

The touch is grand.
A stunning feel resonates.



The Studiologic Numa Concert is a professional live performance digital piano and a high definition keyboard controller, with 88 keys Graded Hammer Action, solid wood key body and Ivory touch on the top surface of the white keys.
The key action of the Numa Concert provides an absolute authentic touch of a Concert Piano and the triple switch detection system allows a fast repeating rate and a total dynamic control.


Performance with the right sounds.

A selection of 12 best in class sounds easy to manage through a direct control panel. The instrument provides amazing piano sounds based on 9 dynamic levels interpolated in real time and loudness parameters.

Resonance like the real thing.

The new sounds are further made very natural and realistic by the new String Resonance modeling that allows to control and reproduce all the real resonances found in an acoustic piano made by the chords, the damper and the soundboard itself.

It's the right touch.

The perfect control over the sound structure is made possible by the TP/40 WOOD keyboard, with 3 contacts per key and high resolution velocity measuring system. The unique and classic “ivory touch” surface also allows a firm playing accuracy at any speed.


1 Generic demo

2 Long decay notes

3 Dynamic expression

4 Strings and Sympatheric Resonance

5 Percussive sounds

6 Pads - Organs - Bass

7 Two sounds layer

8 Two sounds split

9 Effect speed and deepth whell control


  • All percussive sounds
  • All Piano sounds
  • Dynamic expression
  • Effects controlled by Wheel
  • Long decay notes
  • Pads - Organs - Basses
  • Sounds in Layer
  • Sounds in Split
  • Strings Resonance