Setup of Logic Pro

Follow the instructions to control Apple Logic Pro by SL Mixface. Please note that Logic Pro can only be controlled via USB cable. Bluetooth option is not available. ## Instructions ### In Mixface 1. Keep pressed **DAW/CTRL** to access to the **GLOBAL EDIT**. 2. Choose **Global Settings** and then **DAW Port and type**. 3. Select the **Logic-GarageB.** as *Type*. ### In Logic Pro 1. Download and install the add-on based on the version of Logic Pro in use: Logic Pro 10.6 or higher Logic Pro lower than 10.6 *In case of issues installing the package, see [manual installation](#add-on-manual-installation).* 2. Launch Logic Pro and choose **Logic Pro > Preferences**. 3. In the **Control Surfaces** tab make sure SL Mixface is properly recognized and enabled. 4. For more customizations, enable **Advanced Tools** from the **Advanced** tab. Go back to the **Control Surfaces** tab and press **Setup...** to show all the options. ## Add-on release notes ### 2.0 Added compatibility with Logic Pro 10.6.x. Full compatibility with macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon. ### 1.1 Fixed an issue that prevented the operation of some buttons after having used the Cicle function. ### 1.0 Initial release. ## Add-on manual installation Follow this procedure only if you encountered issues with the installation package. 1. Download the package. Logic Pro add-on 2.0 2. Extract it and copy the folder ***Audio Music Apps*** into your user’s ***Music*** folder so that the full path will be. `yourusername/Music/Audio Music Apps/ MIDI Device Scripts/STUDIOLOGIC/SLMIXUSB.device`